Jane Goodall’s 1971 seminal study of free-living chimpanzees was called In the Shadow of Man, and for a long time (ironically) that is exactly what studies on animals were. Animals were eclipsed by anthropocentrism – but they were also overshadowed by the other meaning of ‘man’ as pseudogeneric: the male as normal and the norm,… Continue reading CFP – GENDER IN HUMAN-ANIMAL HISTORY

Online book presentation JVG #40 ‘Living Concepts’

Living concepts. Forty Years of Engaging Gender and HistoryYearbook of Women’s History / Jaarboek voor Vrouwengeschiedenis 4021 January 2022, 15.30-17h Please register at: Bilingual programme Introduction of the new Yearbook, by Larissa Schulte Nordholt– Intergenerational Roundtable Conversation: Living ConceptsParticipants: Alice Ackermann, Saskia Bonjour, Elsbeth Locher-Scholten, Divya Nadkarni– Intermezzo, by Anna TijsselingPlease keep pen and… Continue reading Online book presentation JVG #40 ‘Living Concepts’

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#39 Gendered Empire

Yearbook of Women’s History #39: Gendered Empire. Intersectional perspectives on Dutch post/colonial narratives. What do we see when we look at our collective Dutch colonial legacies from a gender perspective? How are these colonial legacies reflected in our museum collections and archives? Do herstories remain hidden and are there unknown biographies to unravel? Or do… Continue reading #39 Gendered Empire

CFP – Gender and the Sea

Guest editor: dr. Djoeke van Netten For centuries sailors thought that the presence of women on board would mean bad luck: rough weather,big waves, and other disasters were sure to follow. Through notions like these, women were supposedlyexcluded from the maritime domain. Therefore, the ship and the sea have predominantly been perceived as a space for… Continue reading CFP – Gender and the Sea

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