#39 Gendered Empire

Yearbook of Women’s History #39: Gendered Empire. Intersectional perspectives on Dutch post/colonial narratives.

What do we see when we look at our collective Dutch colonial legacies from a gender perspective? How are these colonial legacies reflected in our museum collections and archives? Do herstories remain hidden and are there unknown biographies to unravel? Or do we reinterpret existing master narratives? Using an intersectional perspective, the volume A gendered empire looks at the current growing Dutch interest in its own colonial legacy from a more critical and self-reflexive stance. The authors bring historical and current examples in the Dutch metropole and colonies together. Collectively they share archival silences, biographical counternarratives and a museum world grappling with its own colonial legacy, all the while wondering: what has gender got to do with it.    

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NANCY JOUWE, Introduction   

The silent archive

SUZE ZIJLSTRA, Free and enslaved Asian women in European and Eurasian households in 18th-century Makassar  
MERVE TOSUN, Women at home and men outdoors? Locating enslaved peole in 18th-century Batavia  
NANCY JOUWE, Beyond the Dapur. Listening to Papuan Women   STEPHANIE WELVAART, Cultural violence in the making. Representations of Indonesian women in Dutch testimonies on the Indonesian war of independence   

Biographies of ‘the other’

EMMA VAN MEYEREN, Whiskey in a crate: an interview with Glenda Martinus and her son Quinsy Gario about the 30 May 1969 uprising on Curaçao  
SIDRA SHAHID, Violent Benevolence. Dutch Colonialism and the burqa ban   
CARLA TJON, In Godforsaken places. Shenzen – Hong Kong – Paramaribo – The Hague – Rotterdam. A legacy of overseas expansion   
LARA NUBERG, ‘Then I guess you must love cooking?’   
GLORIA WEKKER, How families navigate empire 

 The hidden museum

CAROLINE DRIEËNHUIZEN, Of beauties and brides. Tracing the representation of colonized women through two museum objects, 1930-present   
EVELIEN WALHOUT & JACQUES DANE, Picturing the East. A visual analysis of Dutch late 19th- and early 20th-century educational tools from the collection of the Dutch National Museum of Education  
EVELINE BUCHHEIM & MARLEEN REICHGELT, Hidden in plain sight. Critical reflections on Een verborgen geschiedenis: anders kijken naar Nederlands-Indië by Thom Hoffman  
MARLEEN REICHGELT & LARISSA SCHULTE NORDHOLT, Colonial Heritage and Restitution: a round-table discussion among museum professionals, with Wim Manuhutu, Henrietta Lidchi & Jos van Beurden, and reactions by Priya Swamy & Sadiah Boonstra   

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